Sep 30, 2023 | International News

Dedicated to occupational safety and health (OSH) in the digital age, the 2023-2025 edition of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign will focus on five priority areas – work on digital platforms, advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, remote work, intelligent digital systems, and managing employees with artificial intelligence.

Organised by EU-OSHA, each campaign has the overall message: ‘Healthy Workplaces. Good for you. An asset for the company’. The 2020-2022 campaign on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) saw European experts and decision-makers come together in Bilbao in November 2022 to close the two-year campaign. 

Nicolas Schmit, European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights, and the Spanish and Basque Ministers of Labour introduced the closing summit, during which the results of the SLIC (Senior Labour Inspectors Committee) MSD campaign organised under the French EU Presidency, the links between MSDs and psychosocial risks, and simple solutions for preventing/working with chronic MSDs were presented.

At the Bilbao Summit, EU-OSHA presented its 2023-2025 work programme to the national focal points, structured around the following strategic objectives:

  • Anticipating change – providing credible and quality data on new and emerging risks.
  • Facts and figures – to provide a picture of current OSH risks.
  • Provide tools for OSH management, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Awareness raising and communication – campaign and media.
  • Knowledge networking – smaller approaches to knowledge exchange.
  • Networking – International, European, regional, national, sectoral, tripartite.

EU-OSHA’s new tasks include addressing the consequences of the pandemic and preparing for future health emergencies; addressing cyber security; supporting the Commission and other actors in policy initiatives.


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