Sep 29, 2023 | Featured Articles

New research has revealed that companies who gave their staff an extra day off per week, with no reduction in pay, as part of the new Four-Day Week pilot programme experienced increased revenue alongside reduced absenteeism and resignations, while workers felt less stressed and burnt out and reported higher rates of life satisfaction. 

Findings from the Four-Day Week pilot scheme have also shown significant declines in the duration and frequency of commuting, plus other positive environmental outcomes. None of the participating organisations are returning to a five-day week. 

This comes after more than 30 companies and almost 1,000 employees in countries including Ireland, the USA and Australia concluded a six-month four-day week pilot programme, co-ordinated by the non-profit organisation 4 Day Week Global (4DWG). 

Companies rated the trial 9 out of 10, expressing extreme satisfaction with their overall productivity and performance. Revenue increased by more than a percentage point each month, with a total rise of 8% during the trial. When compared to the same six months in 2021, it rose by 38% for 2022. 

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