Oct 1, 2023 | Nationwide News

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) ‘Make Remote Work’ campaign group has welcomed the Government’s commitment to a new workers’ right to request remote work, following what Congress had described as “a previous false dawn”. 

Following the landmark passing of the Work-Life Balance Bill, ICTU’s General Secretary Owen Reidy said that the legislation delivers a suite of measures to make it easier for workers to combine their professional and personal lives.

“Improved family leave and flexibility on when and how we work is good for workers and families. It is good for businesses to retain valuable and often highly trained staff. It is good for society and for the economy too. It will help close the gender gaps in caring, pay, and pensions. It is a win-win,” he noted.

According to Reidy, “the Bill introduces the right to paid leave for victims of domestic violence. It also gives workers the right to request to remote work, both of which ICTU and affiliated unions campaigned for to bring us to this point”.

He noted that Ireland is leading the way in bringing in paid leave for workers who are victims of domestic violence. “However, if this new law is to do what is intended, workers must be paid their full wages during absences. Anything less risks putting them in further danger. It is disappointing that the leave is for only five days. Unions will continue to collectively bargain workplace agreements – all of which provide for 10 days paid leave.”

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